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Script III

Script III

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Script III is an original fine art textile, handwoven by Leila Walter of Crosspolynations studio.

The Script series is a deeply intuitive collection of art textiles. These pieces respond directly and intuitively to the material and process of handweaving, letting go of preconceived notions and being fully present and immersed in the medium. Lines enter, change direction, intersect with one another and then fade away as a dance, in communion with the process: a bobbin runs out, the warp moves forward, a knot appears, a thread snaps. The completed cloth becomes an archive of process, a meandering of thought, of time and yarn, woven together in conversation.

This piece was woven by hand using locally sourced & vintage fibres.

South African Cotton, Wool, Hand Spun Mohair
Mounted on wood with brass eyelets

170 cm x 80 cm

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