The Monastery Throws are a collection of naturally luscious, hand woven cotton throws. They feature a modern take on the ancient weaving pattern ‘monk’s belt’ and are thick, warm, natural blankets

In an attempt to support sustainable, localized textile industry, these throws are woven using South African grown and spun cotton with design details featuring locally sourced vintage cotton yarn.

Each throw features a unique, one of a kind design which is informed by the process of weaving and speaks directly to the hand of the weaver, capturing in its design the many hours of energetic labour and attention poured into each cloth. Through our dedication to ancient slow craft practices and natural materials we offer these textiles as companions to an intentional lifestyle as sources of comfort, care and connection.

Weighing around 0.75kg this throw is both soft and sturdy. It will keep you warm on a cold evening, bring comfort to an afternoon nap and serve as a beautiful foundation for coming together on a beach or at a park.



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