Soleil is a collection of light weight, versatile cotton textile woven by hand in our Cape Town studio.

This summer wrap is offered as a multi functional companion to a sun drenched lifestyle. The lightweight cotton weave makes for a quick drying towel or a breezy shelter from the midday sun. The longer length allows for a comfortable wrap around the waist or a long legged sprawl on hot sand. The fine weave and narrower width allows for an un-bulky shoulder wrap, cutting the chill should the wind pick up or the sun go down and the unmistakably handwoven texture brings comfort to both the skin and soul.

Crafted lovingly and carefully by hand, these textiles embody a slow approach to life. Each design is entirely unique and developed in a playful exploration of material and process. Made entirely using natural materials and ancient technology this cloth treads lightly on the environment in a move towards a more considerate and intentional lifestyle.

Locally sourced, locally produced, and when its service is complete, 100% biodegradable.


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