The screen is the result of a collaboration between two studios with a shared love for the processes of making things by hand, properly and with care.

Designed with a modern, simple aesthetic and a focus on material, it is a simultaneous nod to the past with feet firmly in the present. The screen plays between the structural integrity of carpentry and the ephemeral lightness of hand-woven cloth.

Obscura is an interplay between light and shadow, the visible and the masked, the public and the private. It is intended as an elegant design solution to transform space by introducing texture, directing movement, and creating the opportunity to conceal or prompt intimacy within a larger environment.

Characterized by attention to fine detail, this unique item presents a relaxed intimacy with a touch of handmade elegance, an authentic work of art.

Handwoven, natural South African Cotton, Oak, Brass
130 cm x 3 cm x 180 cm

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